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Overnight Equipment

Following is a list of flies, fishing equipment, and personal gear we recommend to make your trip more successful and enjoyable. Also enclosed is a map to our meeting place and our time schedule. If you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to call us.
The regulations on the Deschutes River prohibit fishing from a boat. Therefore good wading gear is essential for a safe and fun trip. Chest waders are a must! NO HIP BOOTS PLEASE! We recommend a stocking foot wader/wading boot combination rather than the boot foot type for comfort, weight, and maneuverability. We suggest you bring a bathing suit or light shorts also; it is very comfortable on those hot days to wear a bathing suit with your wading boots. Boots with felts, studded felts or stream cleats are a necessity. Wading staffs are useful.
For trout fishing we recommend and 8’6” to 9’ graphite rod for a 4 or 5 weight line. Steelhead anglers should have a 9’ to 10’ graphite rod for a 7 or 8-weight line. We recommend floating lines for both trout and steelhead, and you may also want to have a sink-tip line for steelhead. We strongly suggest you have at least 50 yards of backing for trout and 100+ yards for steelhead. The Deschutes River is barbless hook, catch and release fishing.
If you need any help with rental equipment please let us know as soon as possible, so we can reserve what you are wanting. We must have at least two weeks notice, or we may not be able to pick up rental equipment for you. Please see below for rental prices and information about our fly, leader & tippet rental (FLTR).
Those wishing to enjoy an afternoon brew or evening cocktail are welcome to bring their own. We will have ice for cocktails. Oregon fishing license, steelhead tags, Deschutes boaters pass (Warm Springs to Trout Creek, our BLM # is 056-9-598), Indian fishing permit, shuttle fee ($60 for your vehicle), alcoholic beverages, and gratuity to the guides are not included in our fee.
You will be asked to sign a “Release and Risk Assumption” form prior to your launch. Everyone must sign.


~Oregon fishing license ~Warm coat & extra cloths ~Vest & Paraphernalia
~Deschutes boaters pass ~Fly rod & reel with line ~Leaders & tippet
~Polarized sunglasses (a must) ~Flies (see attachment) ~Nippers or pliers
~Waders & studded boots ~Rain suit (just in case) ~Camera & film
~Floatant & strike indicators ~Split shot (BB) ~Wading staff (may want)
~Sun hat & sun screen ~Binoculars (may want)
Rendezvous Information: ALL OVERNIGHT TRIPS WILL MEET AT TROUT CREEK @ 7:30 AM. See maps below. All Camping trips take off the river at 2:00 PM the last day. You must show up with your boaters’ pass and fishing license. These may be purchased at Tiger Mart in south Madras. There is no vendor at the Trout Creek put in. At the put-in we’ll pass out waterproof bags, have a brief orientation, and go fishing.
Shuttle Information:  Arrangements must be made in advance for the transportation of your vehicle from Trout creek to Harpham flats. This service is not included in your trip fee. Notify us in advance of the number of vehicles in your party. We’ll then make the arrangements. Cost is $60 per vehicle, subject to change, or feel free to arrange this service yourself. We use a reliable shuttle business and would be happy to aid you with this service.

Directions to Gateway, and then to Trout Creek

Step 1: Depending upon your direction of travel, follow the appropriate set of directions to Gateway, and then proceed to Trout Creek . Allow 30 Minutes to reach Trout Creek from Hwy. 97. Go slowly from Gateway in, the road is unimproved and may be rough in places. Normal passenger cars do just fine. Be sure to Gas up in Madras; there are no services in Gateway or Trout Creek.
From the South:Proceed North on Hwy. 97 from the Madras Safeway for 2.3 miles; turn left at the bottom of the hill onto Cora. Sign on right side of Hwy. 97 for Trout Creek campground. Proceed on Cora, it turns into Clark, go approximately 8 miles to Gateway, being careful not to veer right onto Quaale Rd. which intersects at a severe angle.
From the North: Proceed South on Hwy. 97 to Milepost 81 and turn right on Quaale Rd. (Another good landmark is the “Richardson’s Ranch” sign  directly across from Quaale Rd.) Proceed on Quaale 5.5 miles until it intersects with Clark. Take a hard right and proceed to Gateway.
Step 2:After reaching Gateway, follow these directions to Trout Creek Campground: Cross the RR tracks in Gateway, and turn right immediately onto Clemens (turns to dirt road from here on.) Proceed 4.5 miles to Trout Creek. You’ll go down a steep grade, pass through a tunnel, cross several small bridges over the creek, and finally go under a trestle. After that, you will shortly come to a “T” in the road. Turn left, proceed a short distance, and you’ll be in Trout Creek Campground. Stay on main road to boat ramp on right.

Driving times to reach Madras:

Bend or Sisters or Maupin   1      Hour Redmond                            ½     Hour
Sun River or Black Butte     1½   Hours
The Dalles or Biggs             2      Hours
Portland or Eugene              3      Hours

It’s possible to fly right into Central Oregon; you can fly into the city of Redmond.  If you want lodging on either side of your trip we suggest either the Best Western Motel or Sonny's Motel in Madras, both have reasonable rates and are comfortable.  They are convenient for our early meeting time.  For reservations we suggest you call now to guarantee your room.  See Madras map below for phone numbers.
This is a Map of the city of Madras.

You can purchase your boaters pass, fishing license and steelhead tags at the Tiger Mart.  You can also purchase Boater Passes online at this web address  (Our BLM # is 056-9-598.) We recommend either Sonny's Motel or Best Western for lodging. We suggest Sonny’s at the south end of town for dinner; it's a nice steak house.  The phone numbers are, Best Western 541-475-6141, and Sonny's Motel 541-475-7217.  We suggest Black Bear Diner for breakfast.  It's just South of the Best Western Motel.


This rental is for the person who wants a complete supply of flies without spending hundreds of dollars. It offers you an assortment of all the flies you will need while on the river. Everything from the end of your fly line down to the fish is provided! Your guide will be well stocked and ready to supply you with everything you need. You will leave the river with only the fly attached to your tippet. This rental includes:
~Flies & Floatant ~Strike Indicators ~Leaders & Tippet Material ~Split shot

All this for only:

$20.00 1-day trip
$38.00 2-day trip
$56.00 3-day trip
$74.00 4-day trip
$90.00 5-day trip
If you are planning to use this service please call High Desert Drifters ASAP so we will be prepared on your trip. If you are providing your own flies, please be sure you have a good assortment of the recommended flies. Your success may be determined by your fly assortment.


If you want any rental equipment please call early so that we can reserve what you need. If we are unable to supply what you need, we will reserve it at The Patient Angler fly shop in Bend. (55 NW Wall Street, Building B, Suite 1, Bend, Oregon 97701, 541-389-6208) They are the finest fly shop in Bend, and we suggest you stop in or call for all your fly-fishing supplies and needs. Given a two week notice we will be happy to pick up your equipment for you, if this saves you a trip to Bend. Remember, rental prices are subject to change.
Neoprene Waders & Boots w/Felt $24.00 1st day/ $17.00 there after
Wading Boots w/Felt $  9.00 1st day/ $  6.00 there after
Trout Fly Rod & Reel w/line $16.00 1st day/ $13.00 there after
Steelhead Fly Rod & Reel w/Line $18.00 1st day/ $15.00 there after
Full Rental Package: Waders/Boots, Rod/Reel & FLTR $50.00 1st day/ $45.00 there after



Elk Hair Caddis Tan, Olive, Black # 14,16,18,20
X Caddis Tan, Olive # 16,18,20
Cinnamon Caddis Cinnamon # 14,16
Compara-dun Cream, Olive, Gray # 16,18,20
Pale Morning Dun Cream, White # 16,18,20
Parachute Adams or Adams Gray # 14,16,18
Griffith’s Knat Peacock # 16,18,20
Bead Headed Nymphs, All Nymph Patterns Below Work Well In The Same Sizes
Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear Natural, Dark, Olive # 10,12,14,16,18
Pheasant Tail Natural # 12,14,16,18
Prince Nymph Peacock # 10,12,14,16
Serendipity Black, Olive, Amber, Red # 14,16,18
Rock Worm Green, Olive # 14,16
Sparkle Pupa

Green, Brown

# 14,16,18
Girdle Bug All Black, Natural # 4,6,8
Box Canyon Stone Peacock & Black # 4,6
October Caddis Orange # 8,10

SALMON FLY PATTERNS mid May till mid June

Stimulator Yellow & Orange # 4,6,8
Golden Stone Yellow # 4,6,8
Sofa Pillow Yellow & Orange # 4,6,8
Bird Stone Yellow & Orange # 4,6,8
Clark’s Stone Yellow & Orange # 4,6,8


Green Butt Skunk # 4,6
Skunk # 4,6
Red Winged Black Bird # 4,6
Freight Train # 4,6
Purple Peril # 4,6
Ferry Canyon # 4,6
Street Walker # 4,6
Max Canyon # 4,6
Red Butt Skunk # 4,6
Boss # 4,6
Articulated Leech # 4,6
Waller Waker # 6
All anglers are advised to have a broad selection of flies; we have underlined the ones that you should not be without. Your success may be determined by your fly assortment. While this list represents a good selection of flies, each guide might have some special flies they’ve tied themselves or some new flies not on the list. Thus making the FLTR a better selection for you. If you are unable to make it into a fly shop remember our Fly, Leader & Tippet Rental (FLTR) is available for only $20.00 first day and less each day after.
High Desert Drifters Guides & Outfitters     1 541 389 0607    1 800 685 FISH

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